PreFrosh Weekend Class of 2024

Hi. I did some reading on PFW on CC, but I have some questions/would like to confirm some things. It looks like it is in April every year, but when do you officially find out? Is it really March? Can you find out beforehand (we are on the East Coast).

Is it designed for the students and the parents? I saw someone mentioned a parents’ dinner. I assume the kids stay on campus, but the parents at a hotel.

And, my biggest question - what do the kids do during PFW. Do they attend classes, go to social events, visit various houses? Is the idea for them to meet other kids, see if Caltech is a fit, woo them, figure out which houses they like best?

Given we are on the East Coast and have been to Caltech many times I am debating if PFW is necessary, esp. since I think Caltech is a definite yes.


I got my answers, so no need to reply.


Does any one know if Caltech will cancel PFW (MIT canceled already)?

They did hold their graduate student preview last week, but things may have changed since then.