prefrosh weekend

<p>super quick question for EA admits, or anyone else who knows - what are the dates for the class of 2016 prefrosh weekend?</p>

<p>If you mean visitas it is Apr 21-23</p>

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<p>My son received his acceptance letter for the 2016 class. Harvard invite him to attend Visitas weekend in April. I have questions from past Harvard freshman or anybody who attended it before.</p>

<li> Do we need to pay for the transportation to Cambridge?<br></li>
<li> Do parents usually attend it too?</li>
<li> What activities are planned from Saturday April 21 to Monday April 23 so we can plan the arrival and departure time?<br></li>


<li>Yes, unless you are on a very large amount of financial aid, in which case I believe Harvard steps in.</li>
<li>Not usually. Prefrosh stay with current students in dorms, so there aren't any planned accommodations for parents.</li>
<li>This I don't know; if it's not on the website, it probably has not yet been finalized.</li>

<p>^^ Under certain circumstances, Harvard will pay for the student, but NOT the parent for Visitas weekend.</p>

<p>Search the Harvard parent thread for prefrosh weekend. Lots of good info there. You will enjoy the thread.</p>

<p>Thanks to all who replied. I have checked the parent thread and found more information.</p>

<p>H parent with a senior here. I did go with my daughter to the prefrosh weekend four years ago. She stayed with a freshman in her dorm; I stayed in the Inn at Harvard right by the Yard. There were many parents attending, so it is okay. You won't feel out of place.</p>

<p>And, we had to pay all traveling expenses. But it was worth it.</p>