Preliminary chances..

<p>GPA: Not released until end of Junior year, but I did some calculating of my own with our weighting and it looks like it'll probably be somewhere around 4.5-4.7 weighted.</p>

<p>Class Rank: Again, not released, but I'm positively in the top .25%, with a good chance of being Salutatorian/Valedictorian, out of a class of about 350. It's a fairly uncompetitive school (Jersey Shore area with a considerable minority population)</p>

<p>Course Load: Heavy, but not the absolute hardest. Mostly all honors classes since my school doesn't offer many APs, but I will be taking LitComp AP and US History AP for senior year. I could have taken AP Bio this year, but I'm not all that interested in Biology. Only year that I didn't have basically all honors was Freshman, but I still had about half honors classes, rest CP. </p>

1930 (Retaking in June)
CR: 720
Math: 590 (This is why I'm retaking, I was definitely having a bad math day)
Writing: 620</p>

<p>SAT IIs:
Taking early Senior year</p>

Literary Magazine Page Designer/Graphics Cleanup/Computer Tech

<p>NJROTC Drill Team - Commanded multiple Drill Squads in area events
Also attending NJROTC Summer Camp during Summer 2005, also possibility of attending NJROTC Leadership Camp during Summer 2005 (This would promote me to an officer)</p>

<p>Nearly Full-Time Job (25-30 hrs/week) over Summer 2004 at a computer repair shop.</p>

<p>National Honor Society

<p>Volunteer Work, etc. :
Innumerable amounts of hours volunteered as a Game Master / Support for a small Pittsburgh game company from 2000- late 2004. (Shameless plug: <a href=""&gt;;/a> ) I also attended 2 developer conferences, and wrote up a large document detailing plans for fundamental design changes for the game based on the players' needs.</p>

<p>Planning (I'm actually getting more info tommorow from my GC) to start Community service very soon, will get in at least a 100 hours in by application time.</p>

<p>Misc Awards:
Student of the Month
Academic Letters (Freshman, and I know I'm getting one this year) [These are hard to pull off, you need an A in every class for every quarter, not just for your final average. If you mess up in one quarter, no academic letter for you.]
Various Renaissance awards</p>

Guitar for 2 years
Mandolin for 1 year</p>

<p>I plan to go into an Enginering or Computer field, hopefully at one of these schools: (If you have any other school suggestions, please post them.)</p>

<p>University of Virginia
Lehigh University
Bucknell University
Virginia Tech
UMich - Ann Arbor
Ithica College (Not really sure if I want to go here, not a ton of research done yet)

<p>I am guessing you are still working on your post because you don't mention where u want to apply to. I will check back in a few.</p>

<p>Oh, and that GPA is a weighted.</p>

<p>Anyone at all?</p>

<p>The game business thing is really cool, although the game looks pretty bad...but i commend you for working on it....
Raise the SAT because you would have like a should probably study for the thing</p>

<p>The game definitely is for a niche market, but if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, this is it. IGN gave it 8.9/10, and Gamestop 8/10. And yeah, I'm studying a lot more for this next SAT, and I expect myself to get at least a 2000 combined composite, if not 2050-2100.</p>

<p>Anyone else care to comment on chances at these schools so far?</p>

<p>Which Jersey Shore school?
I go to Manasquan :P</p>

<p><em>coughNeptunecough</em> At least it's not Asbury.</p>