Premature Question about Waitlists!

<p>Does anyone know when colleges notify students that they are off the waitlists (giving either an acceptance or a sorry-play-again-next-time notice)? Do most of them notify you before... April 20th, for example, or will students be waiting up until the May 1 deadline?</p>


<p>I don't know about Georgetown in particular or colleges in general, but if reading the MIT admissions blog is any indication, it usually occurs in early to mid May, after the school has all the numbers on who actually enrolled.</p>

<p>Since May 1 is the common reply deadline for students to notify a college that they will be attending, people on the waitlist probably won't be notified until the end of the May at the earliest. I've heard of some cases where it lasted until mid-July ><</p>

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<p>do you get any financial aid if you get in off of a waitlist?</p>