Premed at Earlham?

Hello! I just heard that I am a Bonner Scholar at Earlham College. With God’s permission, I am planning on becoming a doctor. I have been researching about Earlham’s medical school acceptance rate and how many students go to medical school each year. They have a pretty enticing number and I really want to attend the college because of their strong Biology department. The acceptance great and that got me wondering, do they encourage every single student to apply to medical school no matter the student’s GAP or MCAT score? Thanks!

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The acceptance rate is very high*


Take ANY college self proclaimed med school admit rate with grain of salt. They are mostly misleading or out right lies. Between the numbers, you do not know how many premed dropped out during the 4 years period, how many did not make it because of GPA, how many were discouraged because the pre-med committee won’t issue a positive LOR, etc.etc.
College is what you can make of, especially for those pre-med candidate. Earlham certainly is a good school for premeds, but its going to be tough to be premed there, lets not kid ourselves.

@artloversplus , What do you mean by “but its going to be tough to be premed there”? Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “tough”?

Premed is difficult in any UG no matter where you go. About 70% of entering freshman declared premed give up or cannot apply for med school upon graduation.

Adding…many students who apply to medical schools are not accepted.

@Cjesusinme1 , Earlham has a reputation for providing excellent support to it pre meds and it has good placement success. You will have to work very hard! I hope you have followed up on your questions directly with the school.

Congrats on being selected as a Bonner Scholar. That is an excellent opportunity. It can feel like a lot, at times, but… Keep in mind. The Bonner program is essentially paying you to complete their requirements which are essentially what a grad school will be looking for anyway. So, keep that in mind, and take advantage of the Bonner opportunities and connections. If you do that well, you will get into grad school. Choose places related to your field of interest to complete your Bonner requirements… the hospital or a clinic or a school or… Whatever and wherever you feel like you will be getting some exposure and some experience or learning something practical or… Having a chance to see how what you are learning in classes can apply in the real world. Ultimately, it will augment your grad school applications in a way that can only help.

Also, the EPIC funding opportunities can be a real benefit.

Earlham even offers several studies abroad (financial aid applies equally to studies abroad at Earlham, so everyone can afford to do one…) which have pre-med applications and offer a variety of medical-related learning opportunities

And, Earlham has the different “pathways” now, so you will have options to choose regarding how you want to approach your studies with medical school/a medical career in mind. I think the new Center for Global Health is very exciting!

Earlham is nationally recognized for having outstanding science departments, and is in the top percentiles for grad school admissions. Earlham is nationally ranked also, for the number of students who go on to successfully complete PhDs in a STEM field.

Science courses are quite time consuming, especially with your Bonner requirements to complete, but use your advisor and the Bonner assistants, and go to the writing center and the tutoring center (even if you don’t need help with writing or tutoring, you can use them as a way to help set and manage dedicated work time)

You will be okay. Just stay focused on what’s important and, while you are doing that, just be sure to squeeze in some time to have fun.

@BB ,That was everytime I needed to know! I really thought about how Bonner is going to help me get into grad school and that is one big reason I chose the college. I also loved the student body and how they really help international students. The only problem with the Bonner volunteer is that there aren’t any clinics/ hospitals I can volunteer in, at least not that I know of. Honestly speaking, I can’t see myself anywhere but Earlham. I really hope and pray my next 4 years will be phenomenal.

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and for the encouragement! I highly appreciate it.

@Cjesusinme1 There are those things in Richmond. And Earlham provides a free community shuttle.