Premed concentrations

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>I just finished my first year at umich, and I'm starting to think about what my major would be. I am pretty sure that I want to go on to optometry school after I graduate, and the classes are very similar to premed requirements, if not identical. Could any premed students let me know what they think the best premed majors are ( i.e. overlap with most of the required classes and don't require additional difficult classes). </p>

<p>I know that it doesn't really matter what you major in for premed/pre-opt as long as you get the required classes, but I would just like to see what the most convenient ones are. </p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>

<p>I'm majoring in computer science, definitely the BEST pre-med major in existence!</p>

<p>No, Aerospace and Electrical Engineering have got to be the best Pre-Med majors. Or maybe Art, or Music. One of those 4. </p>

<p>I would think the easiest to do would be a Bachelors in General Studies.</p>

<p>haha very funny :P ....I have narrowed it down to neuroscience and bbcs. any (serious) thoughts?</p>

<p>Like you said, it doesn't really matter, just pick something you like. I know people who've majored in all sorts of things. You could check U of M's site and see which majors share pre-med requirements though, if you really want an easy major.</p>

<p>And I'm seriously gonna major in CS/pre-med. Sucks, but oh wells.</p>

<p>When I said the easiest would be a Bachelors in General Studies, that was serious. I'm pretty sure that would lend itself best to PreMed.</p>

<p>BBCS is a popular premed major</p>

<p>blackpen, do you know how bbcs compares with neuroscience? I know they are pretty similar</p>

<p>BBCS is almost the easiest major in the school (pure Psych edges it out).</p>

<p>i'll answer. i agree wtih giants92, though i have only taken psych 111. neuroscience is harder. bbcs has a lot of bs stuff like making up experiments and surveys. a lot of umich prehealth students do one of these majors.</p>

<p>honeslty though, do something you enjoy. chances are it will be easy for you and make you more well rounded and give you different experiences. if you can tie your major/extracurriculars to going into med/optometry, it is likely you will be a more unique candidate than the ~500 psychology graduates umich produces eveyr year. </p>

<p>obviously if psychology is something you like then go for it. if i were prehealth though i'd take as few science classes as possible to keep science gpa high and pad the cumulative gpa with another major i enjoy.</p>

<p>neuroscience is a tough major</p>

<p>kdawgg, I'm not really sure if I'd enjoy bbcs or neuroscience more...but they are really similar, and neuroscience overlaps with more of the optometry requirements so I think I'm going to go with that. </p>

<p>I'm going to try to minor in anthropology, so I'm hoping that will make me unique- plus I think I'll really enjoy that.</p>