Premed Opportunities at Marquette

Hi! I am applying to Marquette this fall and planning to major in either chemistry or business (undecided). While I am really interested in business, being a doctor has always been one of my career goals and I do plan on applying to medical school. I am fortunate in the fact that my parents have encouraged me to look at schools based on my fit there versus solely based on their cost, which is why I am considering Marquette despite the somewhat steep cost. Marquette is one of my safeties, so I’m not super worried about acceptance and I really do see myself enjoying it there. I love the well-rounded experience that the school seems to encourage (and have heard about it firsthand from various family members who attended). Anyway, my questions are:

  • Are there many, if any, research opportunities for undergrads at Marquette? Does being in the Honors Program offer more opportunities?
  • Is it easy to find volunteer opportunities at hospitals and clinics in Milwaukee?
  • Where can I find med school acceptance rate (because for all my searching on the website, I cannot find it!)
  • is it easy to switch majors (if for some reason I decide that medicine isn’t the right Career for me, can I switch my major without too much difficulty)?

I know that some people have asked questions like this on this forum before but I haven’t seen any asks with the same specific questions as mine, so I figured I’d ask myself! :slight_smile:

Any answers are welcome!