Premed @ Southern uni interested in returning to the North... school suggestions?

<p>Hey everyone! I am entering my sophomore year at Tulane University. Here is my dilemma: I absolutely love the academics at Tulane. I have to work hard, but I am doing well. I am in the honors program on a pretty decent scholarship. I find it to be a great fit academically, but I am not happy living in New Orleans. I have explored the city (the nightlife, food, music, etc etc) and really tried to give it a chance. Its a GREAT city, but it is just not me. At first I thought it was first year homesickness... but I have not really shaken these feelings. I have made great friends and had great experiences, I can't help but to feel misplaced in NO. I am back in the Northeast for the summer and I feel terrible because I am dreading moving back... maybe I am an ignorant northern elitist but I just don't feel right there. Its difficult for me to explain how I feel. I also have some issues with the school itself</p>

<p>As of right now I am planning to stick out the next four years at Tulane, but want to consider the option to transfer for the spring semester. If this is something I really want to explore, I want to start researching schools. Here is some idea of what I am looking for in a school:
- NYC, Boston, CT, NY area, Providence. It doesn't necessarily have to be in a metropolitan area, but I'd like an urban feel.
- a strong science program (biological/neuroscience) and specifically one known for having a strong premed support system
- a school with a similar "reputation" to Tulane</p>

<p>I would really, really appreciate any suggestions of schools that I would be competitive at as a transfer student. I understand that my chances at specific schools are different than they were when I was applying as an incoming freshman.
After the above rant (so sorry!) here is a BRIEF overview of my stats/ECs</p>

<p>HS GPA: 105/100 weighted. Top 10% of graduating class (we did not rank)
ACT: 31C
HS EC: (here is the extreme spark notes version off the top of my head)
- a lot of leadership (student council president, captain of 4 varsity sports teams, captain of mock trial)
- athletics: varsity track (4 years), varsity soccer (4 years), equestrian (12 years)
- accolades: about 10 different scholarships, a lot of academic awards from the school, honor societies, etc</p>

cGPA: 3.7
Major: Neuroscience
accolades: numerous honor societies, honors program, dean's list
- competing for the school equestrian team (my largest time commitment outside of schoolwork, definitely.)
- premedical society, american red cross volunteer
current volunteer work:
- have been volunteering in the emergency department at local hospital for the past 3 years. this summer, on top of volunteering, I will be shadowing physicians in the ER and will be assisting in the OR as well.
- volunteer at a therapeutic riding clinic (working directly with both kids and adults with disabilities ranging from autism to MR to CP)</p>

<p>From that very basic glimpse, what types of schools would I be competitive applicant? The only two schools I have in mind are NYU and Brown (I know this is a tremendous reach with my stats, and I am not anticipating going to an Ivy, but I like a lot about Brown and I wish that I applied the first time around) I just want to be extremely realistic this time around. You don't have to be necessarily specific; I would appreciate a general idea. Thank you!!</p>

<p>How is your money situation? Will you need either need based FA or merit aid? I ask because it sounds like you have merit now and it is much more difficult to get as a transfer student. Also, the two schools you've mentioned are not particularly good for FA. NYU has a very bad reputation for fr and transfer applicants, and while B is substantially better for fr admissions, it has limited FA for transfers and is need-aware for transfer admissions.</p>

<p>thanks for the reply! $$ was my biggest motivator when I made the decision to go to Tulane. My family was not eligible for need based aid at any school, so merit aid would be ideal but as I am looking into this, I am finding it hard to come by for transfer student. </p>

<p>Would my parents be willing to pay full tuition to foot the bill at NYU? probably not. Brown? Probably yes. But id consider them both "reaches" at this point</p>

<p>I wouldn't consider NYU a reach with your stats. Read some of the other threads for the Ivys and compare your stats. Penn, with its urban setting, comes to mind.</p>

<p>NYU is definitely not a reach with your stats. However, there is very little aid for transfer students, so be realistic about how much money you'll need and what you are willing to pay.</p>

<p>If the "major city" aspect is more important to you than the "NYC, Boston, CT, NY, Providence" area aspect, maybe you should put in an application for U. Chicago. It might be in the Midwest, but Chicago IS the third largest city in America. I'd say you would have a decent shot at Chicago with your stats. At the very least, you're competitive enough to apply and give it a shot. Again, it all depends on if you're cool with spending two years in the Midwest (you would have to enter as a Junior if you got in since Chicago only offers Fall transfer admissions).</p>