Has anybody heard anything about how good premed is at Mac?

Premed is a set of courses all colleges offer.
What matters is whether students are collaborative or competitive (collaborative helps), how much support there is, whether committee letters are restricted to just some students.

@MYOS1634 sorry if I was too vague. I know it’s not a major, I’ve been a diligent student of sdn lol. I mean in general in terms of availability in shadowing, clinical volunteering, hospitals nearby, premed advising, etc.

It’s in a thriving city here they have lots of contacts. And all students get one-on-one advising with a personal advisor (v. A person in a building who processes as many freshmen as possible, as happens in large universities).

Mac is awesome preparation for medical school. If you put the hard work in you will have incredible recommendations and contacts which will help facilitate your entry into medical school.

Beware of bigger schools that claim 90% plus acceptance rates. I can tell you first hand that they use weed out classes and then the advising committee will only support and recommend if you meet a certain gpa (again to weed out the large numbers and keep the acceptance rates at their highest for prestige reasons.
Mac won’t do this to you and will be collaborative and will be encouraging the entire way. Tons of support and that will make a huge difference.