Prep Book for Physics

<p>I've only taken regents level physics right now and plan on taking AP next year so which book would be good enough to learn all material from now until october and get a possible 750+? </p>

<p>I've heard that PR SAT II book is good but I was wondering if that also covers the same stuff in AP Physics since I'd rather buy one book that can pretty much cover both (but they're the same material right? so would either of the PR SAT II or AP work well? if so which one should i get?)</p>


<p>go to SparkNotes:</a> SAT Physics</p>

<p>Read it. Everyone I know got an 800 with this.</p>

<p>Which AP Physics are you taking? I'm going to assume it's B, in which case you need only get PR's AP Physics B book, since AP Physics B covers almost everything on the SAT subject test. The remaining stuff, rotational kinematics/dynamics and relativity, can be learned in 30-45 minutes, either reading in the bookstore or reading that Sparknotes link; it's not worth paying $15 or so for another book. (Or you can choose not to learn them at all... I think they total 2-3 questions at most.)</p>

<p>(Background: 800 on the June test.)</p>

<p>i agree with energize, if you're taking physics B then PR's physics B book is enough for the AP test and the SATII. really a ton of the questions and diagrams are the same, so just buy the AP book!</p>

<p>theboydave also brings up a great point -- for all the extra material on the SATII that may or may not be covered in the AP physics B book you end up buying, the physics sparknotes is free, concise and really fantastic.</p>

<p>best of luck!</p>

<p>thanks for all the help guys</p>