Prep Books for Bio?

<p>what do you guys prefer and why?</p>

<p>I only took half a year of Bio AP and then used Barron's to study the rest and got a 790 so I would definitely recommend that book. It has everything you need to know, perhaps even too much which is always good. The tests are also harder than the actual one so that prepares you well also.</p>

<p>CollegeBoard's b/c they are the official released exams. The sample questions are easy (I've never taken the real test but I'd trust CollegeBoard).</p>

<p>& I'm using Barron's instead of a textbook...I've tried a lot of prep books. Peterson's is really hard & the format is weird. Princeton Review is good for beginners. Kaplans is just plain confusing.</p>

<p>I hope that helped</p>

<p>Cliffs Notes</p>

<p>Cliffs for AP Bio because it was really easy to read and follow along. (and yes, I did use a AP prep book to study for the SAT II)</p>

<p>and Barrons for SAT II Bio because it covered everything.</p>