Prep Books

Next year I’m taking a lot of AP classes so I’m trying to get a head start preparing. The only two classes i don’t have Prep books for are AP Chem and AP english 3 (Lang and Comp).
What book do you guys recommend for Chem?
And for english?

(Any tips for these classes would be helpful too: AB/BC calc, APES, APUSH)

APUSH - I used AMSCO (2015 edition) and the Essential Content. The exam was revised so EC doesn’t exactly fit the format anymore, but it’s really great for last-minute cramming and the SAT II. AMSCO was good, but LONG, so give yourself a lot of time.

Chem - I looked through Barron’s and PR and didn’t like either. I ended up just finding a PDF of Brown/Lemay (a textbook) online and reading that starting a month or two before the AP (if I had discovered it earlier, I would have started outlining it at the beginning of the year). I’d highly recommend that – it was a lot of work, but the authors do a great job making everything easy to understand.

Lang - You really don’t need a prep book. If anything, just practice reading comprehension! It’s not too different from SAT CR in my opinion, and I actually did better on AP practice tests than on SAT practice tests. The essays are also really straightforward – nothing to stress over.

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