Prep for AP Calculus BC before taking the class?

<p>I'm going into AP Calculus BC straight from Honors Advanced Math (precalc/trig). At my school at least, this is rare. Should I do any extra preparation before going into the class? Or is the class like AP Chemistry in that it doesn't assume that the student knows much about Calculus at the beginning? </p>

<p>Will I do fine going from precalc/trig straight to Calculus BC (without taking Honors Calculus/Calc AB)? Should I study any specific topics over the next few weeks before school starts? I did get a summer packet, but it seems more like a Precalculus review packet.</p>

<p>You should be fine without any extra preparation.</p>

<p>I read the first few chapters for Calc BC over the summer, and it helped me a lot, especially since I was taking Physics C concurrently with no previous calc background. prices don't look too good right now, but you could try someplace else. It should be ISBN 9780495113379, but double-check with your math teacher. (It's also nice to have a second copy of the book at home, and you can always sell it back at the end of the year on, assuming you take good care of it.)</p>

<p>Having taken pre-calc and trig, you should be perfectly fine. To be honest, reading the first few chapters doesn't seem like it would help you too much. The first few big topics in calc are extremely simple (limits/derivatives). I'd simply advise you to enjoy your summer and to be ready for a challenging class when you arrive at school.</p>

<p>^I agree. Calculus BC covers the basics of calculus, anyway. In reality, it should be named Calculus ABC.</p>

<p>No need, you'll be fine.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies, everyone! I'm more confident about taking this class now.</p>