Prep for Grad School?

I just finished my freshmen year at Michigan State University, and while I realize I still have three years left, I figure it's probably not too early to start thinking about grad school. I plan on graduating from MSU with a 3.5 gpa at the very lowest (majoring in psychology), and I was just wondering what other types of things I should be doing/getting involved in that will increase my chances of getting accepted into a respectable grad program? </p>

<p>Thanks a bunch!</p>

<p>Read the first few pages of Grad School Admissions 101. It should answer your questions.</p>

<p>Thanks! I saw that a few minutes after I posted this. Sorry about that!</p>

<p>In psych? If so, what branch of psych?</p>

<p>Right now I'm most interested in both social and cognitive psychology. Although, I have yet to take some classes, such as abnormal psychology, so I probably can't say I'm most interested in. I was originally going to go pre-med, however I really didn't enjoy chemistry, but loved the psychology classes I took (and it came easily to me, at least when compared to my other classes).</p>

<p>For all types of psych PhDs, research experience is key, especially that leading to conference presentations or posters and/or publications. Get involved in research ASAP.</p>