Prep School Chances for Andover,Deerfield,St Paul,Mercersburg,St. Albans

Hi I am a asian 9th grader in a public high school in DC and I am applying for Andover and I would like to know my chances here are my stats and extracurriculars
-Student Government President
-LSAT Committee
-Chancellor Student Advisory Board
-Cross Country
-Financial Literacy Club
-3.33 GPA for term 1 but final GPA is 3.60
-All A’s for 8th Grade
-Applying for 10th Grade

Hello! You seem like a strong candidate. However, your GPA is slightly concerning. Did you take the SSAT or any standardized test?

No I did horrible

Hi, your application seems pretty solid but the GPA is what you need to be careful of. If you haven’t done your interviews yet talk a lot about being president since that is very impressive. But I think you have a pretty good chance :slight_smile:

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