Prep Schools with Mediocre Grades...

<p>Hey guys!</p>

<p>I am currently a ninth grader in a top-20 British prep school in the UK. Due to a variety of factors, I have decided to study in the US - specifically, I am applying to Milton, Lawrenceville, and Loomis (tenth grade for all). It would be great if you could chance me for those schools with the following stats:</p>

-For safety reasons, I won't reveal my citizenship, but I am a URM.
-Female, 15
-High-income household
-Fluent in 3 languages</p>

95% last year, expecting a ~98% this year (test-taking is my speciality)</p>

Favorable. My teachers have a generally good impression of me: my report comments say I'm active in discussions and enthusiastic in class. I also have friendly teacher relations outside class.</p>

-I've been playing the violin for 9 years. Won the citywide competition (back in my home country) and qualified for the nationwide competition, where I placed second. Graduated from musical school (apart from normal school) with honors.
-Played tennis and soccer for 4 years, currently on school teams for both + some minor awards.
-Student Council representative for 5 years straight (I love public speaking).
-Involved with the community service club (clothing drives etc.). Also organized an original project with an orphanage (have a YouTube video).</p>

I have been drafting those since October, and I believe they are effective. Asked my English teacher to review them, then worked together for a few weeks. I talked about my passion, future projects, and how their school could develop me.</p>

This is my major drawback, and I fear it will severely hurt my chances. My current school is very rigorously academic and despite my efforts, my grades are far from ideal.</p>

<p>-Maths (equivalent of Algebra 2) B+
-German (11th grade course) B+
-History A
-English A
-Chemistry C</p>

<p>These are the first trimester grades. I have talked with my Chemistry teacher, and she gave me opportunities to improve my grade. I am heading towards 4 A's and a B in second trimester, but those grades will come out later than the deadline (Jan 15th). Nevertheless, I do plan to send those additionally as soon as I receive them to supplement my app.</p>

<p>In conclusion, do you think my grades will make me unqualified for those schools? I believe the rest of my application is decent, but it is my marks I am most worried about.</p>

<p>Those aren’t great grades, but they are solidly good grades-- a far cry from mediocre. You’re fine. I don’t know where people get the idea that everyone is expected to have straight As.</p>

<p>Just checking since u are not American, do you know what URM is?</p>

<p>Under Represented Minority, I believe. I don’t think it matters a lot, but I was of opinion that it could be a tie-breaker.</p>

<p>bump…could someone please reply</p>

<p>I think if you excel in all the other areas, and the grades are your drawback, then you should be alright. I get the grades thing, I get A’s and B’s, and everyone here seems to get straight A’s. As long as you have good interviews, then you should be fine.</p>

<p>Even as far as grades are concerned, schools consider lots of different variables: they WILL look at this terms grades, submitted after the deadline for your application. They will look at last year’s grades, the extent to which you took challenging classes, and your school profile (grade distribution at your particular school). That said, no one but an AO at the particular schools to which you are applying can really “chance” you and tell you if you’ll be accepted. But, given that you say your school is rigorous, don’t worry too much about those grades. Just go ahead and apply and wait for March 10th, along with everyone else.</p>

<p>Grades are only one part of the application. They’ll look at SSAT’s, EC’s, all of which look good.</p>

<p>My impression is that there is less grade inflation in the UK than there is here. Admissions Officers will know how to read your transcript. Deep breath.</p>

<p>Your grades are pretty good. Just wait until March 10th!</p>