Prep/Study Guides for AP Bio, AP Calc, and AP World History?

<p>I'm taking all 3 of those this upcomping year and I was wondering which prep books are the BEST for each subject and could prepare me best for the exam in May. Thanks :)</p>

<p>Cliffs is the best for AP Bio hands down</p>

<p>I used Barron's for all my AP's. Got excellent results.</p>

<p>The Princeton Review and AP Central FRQs for AP Calculus all the way.</p>

<p>World- PR + AP FRQ's were da bomb. Barrons = blergh. Buy 5 Steps to a 5 for more practice.</p>

<p>From prior experience, Princeton Review is good prep book for Calculus. </p>

<p>For world history, I rather not recommend Princeton Review unless you like the author's writing style and extremely concise information that will not help much for the FR section.</p>