preparation for SAT...

<p>i m a junior and i want to boost my Verbal and Math scores..however i only have 5 months..
How can i do this?
spend how many hoooours doing SAT..and what should i study????</p>

<p>well...something like that(maybe I'm not quite the best person to ask- 'cause I didn't take my sat yet..I'm going June)
my opinion is that you should learn how to think during a test... and the only way to do this is by practicing...and I should also reading as much as you can...
good luck to you!(and to me, too:P)</p>

<p>practice, practice, practice</p>

<p>5 mths is really a fair amount of time to learn all the material.</p>

<p>Practice makes perfect.</p>

<p>Get books that have plenty of practice SAT's, do them under test conditions, see where you have trouble and concentrate on working on that.</p>

<p>umm well i dont think 5 months is enough...SAT cannot be studied..i think it is a test based on our studying ptential, reasoning skills..i dont htink anyone can improve a verbal score of reading..someone who doesnt like reading...if there was a possibility of improving reading skills , it might have been that everone would have crammed the ;last few months, and end up with a 800 verbal...sure, words can be memorized but reaading..ahhh...neeew passages are going to show up on SAT...this means. tthat u cant get all questions rigth...
people who have been rading since grade 2 or 6, get high verbal..nhow someone who just started reading a year ago., there is no way that person's readig skills are tantamount to the someone who hae been reading...</p>

<p>practce..nope i have been practicing for the last 8 months..have my scores been boosted...?nope..only by 10 thats odd.</p>

<p>practice does make perfect, I went from 640 verbal to 780 in three weeks.</p>

<p>How have you been practicing? Timed/untimed? Whole test or seperate sections? Looking over your incorrect answers? What are your practice-test scores right now and how much do you hope to improve them? Practice is definately the best way to improve SAT scores, so maybe you can change the way you've been working and see how that works...</p>

<p>how did u go up from a 640 to a 740..perhaps because u were already good at reading since u probably read alot..its just that u werent familiar with the concept of u took practice tests and saw waht the answers were like.its .just that u learned the strategies by going thorugh the books, no need of improvement in ur reading skills since u were already good at it, but ur sstrategy skills which u werent familar of at all..i am ..i know every single thing what SAT requires..but does my score go up? no....its my reading comprehensions perhaps that is lacking behind...</p>

<p>timed yes..i have..its just that i dont see how i can change the method of practicing, although i have tried alot
going over the correct ansers scrupously, but then again, always the same verbal score....
what can i do? what should i read?</p>

<p>my verbal is very low...550..i want to pull it upto a 700, in just 5 months..i want to know what i could read</p>