preparing for spring engineering exp0

<p>i am currently a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering at Va Tech. I missed my fall engineering expo and want to start preparing for the spring expo now. Right now i have no experience pertaining to my major. The only job i have had was working at a grocery store. I know that most students don't have much to put on their resumes, so i was wondering what i can put on it to help beef it up because right now it is pretty much empty. Is there anything that i could do before the expo comes, that i could write on my resume to help increase the chances of obtaining an internship this summer? What kind of things have other students done pertaining to their major by their spring semester of their sophomore year? First of all i would like to say that i will go to my school's career center and talk to the people there, But for now i would like to get all of your opinions.</p>