Preparing for this math placement test... mostly algebra

<p>I don't know where else this thread would go, so yeah.... anyway, 50 algebra questions, 10 trig questions. Pretty nervous about it, because the last time I took algebra was 2-3 years ago... and I took trig last year. If I do really bad on it, i'm going to have to take 2 math classes (algebra 1 and a 'quantitative reasoning' math) to fulfill their general education requirement... any tips so I don't have to take, at the very least, algebra 1?</p>

<p>Do practice problems. Make sure you know the basics?</p>

<p>And go in relaxed, well rested, all of that good stuff.</p>

<p>If there's any way, check the math professor webpages to see if they have any lesson plans or a syllabus up. This will tell you exactly what would be covered in each class, and therefore what you should know to test out of it. Then check out some books from the library (Princeton Review or Barrons, if they have one for Algebra 1) for practice problems because those will help you learn to solve any problems you've forgotten how to answer.</p>