Preparing physically for West Point

<p>Those of you who have gotten in already I'm sure are already preparing for West Point. I just wanted to start a thread about it to share tips and hints if anyone would so desire. My physical plan so far has consisted of sets of pushups...10x10, situps 5x50, and a roughly 3 mi a day run, although somedays I feel more ambitious and do more (or less lol). What is everyone else doing?</p>

<p>Well, I can't really do much running except on the weekends until soccer is over. I'm doing 5x50 regular situps, 50 side to side crunches (on each side), 35x3 flutter kicks, and this other kind of sit-up that I do until I can no longer sit-up again. I'm doing the max amount of push-ups I can do each night (which is about 60 right now--I'm a girl). I hope to have that up to 85 by R-Day. I'm also biking and lifting weights every day. </p>

<p>I plan to be able to run 4 miles at a decent pace by R-Day.</p>

<p>Marines4me...and everyone else on here...make sure before r-day we all get each other's names...I can't wait to meet you all :)</p>

<p>Heck yea! I assume you guys/girls will be staying in Highland Falls? We should meet up sometime in the afternoon...</p>

<p>wow u guys are hooked to west still undecided, and yes i realize the commitment and the "u have to love it to go b.s.".... etc (my brother is a firstie), but u guys are nuts...and i say that with respect...maybe if i get in shape ill c yallz there</p>

<p>Well, I recently spoke with a group of juniors about my decision, and most of what I said they were surprised with. West Point, to me, was my first choice due to the professors. They aren't there writing research papers, etc. as in some public universities, and they seemed (and from what I hear) to genuinely have an interest in helping students both in class and personally. My next reason was the challenge. I have never been able to see myself going to the public university in my state (West Virginia University) as it is notoriously known as the party school, and I'm just not like that. I found West Point to be severly intriguing due to the fact that the majority of the kids there are straight laced, hard working kids. I think that would be a great atmosphere to learn and live in.</p>

<p>On a more personal note, when I went to IAW (now known as SLS) last year, the thing that most shocked me was people leaving their doors open and unlocked all day long. It truly opened my eyes to how afraid we are as a society and how untrusting we are. It really was comforting to not have to worry about people stealing your stuff. I also saw the honor code as a very good thing...I dislike people who cheat, I've always gotten that sense that it was an insult to people like me who study alot...</p>

<p>I just fell in love with it, had that sun coming out of the clouds "God spoke to me" moment when I was there...</p>

<p>We are crazy, but perhaps you need to be a little crazy for West Point.</p>

<p>Hope I helped, best of luck to you Blakc, hope to see you on 27 Jun.</p>



<p>I don't know about you guys, but I think I'm about as ready as I'm going to be. I've hit it pretty hard since the appointment and not sure what else I can do. Looking forward to meeting all of you.</p>

<p>I'm a Varsity Track "Distance D-----bag", which means that my sadistic coach makes me run the 4 by 8, mile, and 2-mile every single track meet so that we get more points. No problems running! The downside is that I have to keep off too much muscle mass, so it's sit-ups and push-ups only until State ends, leaving me only 4 weeks to prep for CBT.
At the IAW, they made us do an unholy number of flutterkicks. Any cadets out there who can comment on how many I should be expected to do? 100? 200?</p>

<p>I am focusing on upper body strength and conditioning with heavy sets of push-ups and kickin my butt to get better at pull-ups(my weekness) . I go to the gym alot and attempt to eat healthy. I am scared cause i am terrible at Pull-Ups and i dont seem to be getting any better.</p>

Pullups are not a part of the PAE. Pushups, Sit-ups and the 2 mile run are the ones that you are tested on. The push-up form has to adhere to their rules and if they don't look good they don't count.

<p>True, pullups are not a part of the APFT, but they are still done throughout Beast. In the gold colored booklet with all the cards I believe it mentioned how many pullups you should be able to do for Beast. Good luck with those! Stew Smith has some great tips on improving them though, so glance those over and keep it up!</p>

<p>PAE---> meant APFT
Are you sure about the pullups? The PE stuff is done outside. I'll ask about it.

<p>I am almost 100% sure that I read about the pullups. Normally, I would look it up in the book, but it's packed in a box because I just moved. Also, if you look at pictures on the USMA website from Beast last year you can see them doing pullups. I'll try and find where I read about the pullups when my stuff comes.</p>

You're right, pullups are apart of the workouts but they're not graded. Chris didn't mention sit-ups in his post and they're really important as they'll be part of his APFT score. You sound like you'll be in great shape for Beast.