<p>Just out of curiosity... Everyone's talking about the "social scene" and what not... but is the UofR student body very preppy? Are people concerned with how they dress, etc.? Is the campus full of rich snobs who don't know any better?</p>

<p>Not to point out any names in particular, but I've heard in places like Tufts, people all dress so nicely and such...</p>

<p>UR is low on the preppiness scale.</p>

<p>(Otherwise my d would never have gone there. She's more of an outdoorsy, Earthmother type who is more likely to wear hiking boots or Birkies than kitten heels.)</p>

<p>Kids I saw were dressed normal, meaning not slob, not nice, not preppy.</p>

<p>UR students dress very casual, jeans and t-shirts, girls and guys. When we visited last year with D, I don't remember seeing any dresses or mini skirts on girls, just jeans and t-shirts. It was not at all like the feeling of snobbiness and richness like I felt at other top universities.</p>

<p>That's nice to know. Thanks!</p>

<p>DD, who is in a large public HS that has a very diverse student body, spent the better part of a weekend on campus in April. She did not come away with a preppy impression at all.</p>

<p>I would just echo the sentiments above... very diverse, but jeans and a t-shirt (or a heavy sweatshirt :)) are pretty common.</p>