Prereq Questions For Econ/Haas

<p>I just learned that Haas changed their requirements from one semester of calculus to two. I took AP AB Calc, so does that mean I can't skip 1A or 16A if I'll be applying to Haas? Also, does Haas frown upon the 16 series as opposed to the 1 series since the 16 series is supposedly easier? Will I improve my chances if I take the 1 series, or does it really not matter as long as I do well in the series I choose to take?</p>

<p>And for econ. I took both AP Macro and Micro, but I'm not confident that I made a 5 on both so I will probably have to take econ at Cal. Is Econ 2 preferred to Econ 1, or is the grade I make in either class more important? </p>

<p>Last one, stats. I took AP Stats and I thought the course was pretty easy in general. However, judging from all the CC comments and posts Stat 21 seems impossible and should be put off as late as possible. If I did well in AP Stats, will I feel comfortable taking Stat 21 my freshman year (spring)?</p>

<p>Sorry for rambling, and thanks to anyone who reads and comments!</p>

<p>i've been thinking about this too</p>


<p>Haas doesn't frown upon 16A/B, you don't really need much math for Business. You should take the 1 series if you're serious about Econ though.</p>

<p>Same thing, take Econ 2 if you're serious about Econ and think Econ grad school is a possibility. Otherwise, Econ 1's fine.</p>

<p>If you did well in AP stats, you will do fine in Stats 21. The concepts are the same and you don't really need to go to lectures... you just need to do a lot of practice problems and be able to solve harder problems.</p>

<p>Thanks flutterfly_28! </p>

<p>I'm serious about econ as a major to double up with business (if possible), but econ grad school is most likely not a possibility for me. I'm leaning towards business and possibly an MBA in the future. In that case, should I stay with the 1 series?</p>

<p>Is Econ 2 going to be taught anytime soon? I've taken both AP Macro/Micro with a 5 but it would be nice to take a slightly more rigorous introductory econ course rather than skip it entirely.</p>

<p>readyforcollege: The econ department is not really selective, if you have a 3.0 you're in. Doesn't matter which classes you took as long as it satisfies the requirements. But calculus is used a lot in the upper division classes and some of the classes even require math 53 and 54 (you need the 1 series to do that). I think you should take the 1 series and keep your options open... a lot of Pre-business freshmen decide to do other things after taking a few classes.</p>

<p>singh2010: if you got 5s on both, you should most definitely skip both Econ 1 and 2. The classes after that (100A/B or 101 A/B) are Macro and Micro economics courses and will go over everything from the intro course and then go into more detail. There's nothing you will miss from not taking the intro course.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info! I won't bother with Econ 1/2 then.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot flutterfly_28, I'll still think about it but I'm leaning towards the 16 series.</p>