Prerequisites and Transferring

<p>I am planning on transferring from my college. Currently I have taken a total of 6 courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Composition I and II(English I and II), Speech and communications, and Probablility and Statistics. I plan on taking Calculus and linear algebra. The situation is that I have taken two semesters my college, I am majoring in Business and Administration, and I am hoping to transfer to some of the following(yeah I know most of them look difficult. I am still trying because I have backup plans):
Yale university
Harvard College
Georgia Tech
University of North Carolina(chappel hill)
University of Tennessee Knoxville. </p>

<p>What would be courses and areas of study would be the best to prepare for transfer to some of these colleges? I need info on stuff like required number of credit hours, etc.</p>

<p>Bumping this thread...</p>

<p>Thats a very academically diverse list. What are your stats?</p>

<p>You mean grades? My GPA is 3.86(It's gonna increase). My ACT scores are still coming. Last time I got 25, and I likely improved them. Also I hope that the fact that I started college at 14 will make me stand out when I am applying.</p>

<p>So youve been in school for a year and have 6 credits? Are you still in hs?</p>

<p>what are your backup plans</p>

<p>No I'm full time. I am not in High School anymore. My backup plans are applying to regular colleges like UT.</p>

<p>What are you EC's? Are you at a CC?</p>

<p>I'm at a community college. For Extra-curriculars, if Honor roll counts then I have done a few projects for honors(they were research projects) Otherwise I am not quite sure on extra curriculars. How significant are they?</p>

<p>Research is good. EC's are very important, youre at a CC, your GPA will not get you into a top school on its own.</p>

<p>So what Extra Curriculars do you think would be most effective? Also, I am mainly asking what courses would be best for me to take(like, courses that would best meet prerequisites, different requirements, etc.)?</p>

<p>On campus involvement/ leadership, internships, research, volunteering etc</p>

<p>take gen eds that will transfer over to your back up schools</p>

<p>Are there any prerequisites for Stanford, Harvard, and Yale? Or at least, prerequisites for bachelor's degrees? Also, what is the minimum number of credit hours for the three colleges?</p>

<p>depends what you want to major in, all of that info would be on the school's website</p>

<p>Well I am majoring in business and administration.</p>

<p>it would suit you best to set realistic expectations on transfer schools. i don't think you are fully aware of what it takes to transfer into harvard/yale/stanford</p>

<p>I am aware that it takes a lot to enter these schools. And I like to aim high, considering I can apply to other schools as backup, applying for these schools shouldn't hurt much.</p>

<p>Also, if you think I wouldn't have any luck applying to those schools, please state why so I can find my weak points(suggestions for improvement to those weak points would be appreciated)</p>

<p>weak points: you go to a CC, lack significant EC's, no leadership and weak ACT score for those top schools</p>

<p>Going to community college isn't really a weak point for some of those schools. The GPA might be a bit low for a community college for, say, Harvard, but still...</p>

<p>And depending on how long the OP stays at CC, the "weak" ACT won't matter (the standards on this board are so strange. 20-21 is the national average for the ACT, a 25 isn't weak by comparison.)</p>