Prescreen Results - Class of 2025

My understanding is that Montclair was a digital audition.

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Waiting to hear from TONS of schools. Did anyone’s Daughter hear from UMICH yet? Seems like notifications are going out this week, but so far only two parents of sons have said they got yesses on this board here. THANKS SO MUCH!

@mttmom That is very tough. I don’t envy that position at all. Good luck to both of your boys!

We heard from Shenendoah yesterday morning. Submitted on 11/8.

We also heard from Stephens College yesterday. Submitted the application and auditions a few weeks ago. Has anyone else applied there?

We actually scheduled a virtual audition in January for Montclair. It was through one of their Unified dates.

My d is a Western Michigan BFA MT grad, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I chronicled her journey from acceptance through graduation in this thread:


My son was accepted to Point Park academically very soon after his submissions on 10/23 but only heard about passing his prescreen yesterday 12/2. We called the conservatory Tuesday as the e-mail had said he’d hear within 2-3 weeks and it had been over 5. They are just swamped and behind which is understandable. He found out he passed same day we got return call from PP conservatory so I’d say call or e-mail if you’ve waited over 3 weeks.

In addition and to recap, son has heard about passing prescreens from colleges below-Most submitted 10/22 or 10/23

Point Park
U Mich
Carnegie Mellon
George Mason
Penn State
Texas State
Baldwin Wallace

Waiting on Elon, NYU and Alabama(Tuscaloosa)
Montclair(no prescreen)

In addition to the original common prescreen dance submission and sometimes optional ballet component, he’s had to do 4 or 5 additional dances for call backs sent by the colleges after passing the prescreen. It’s been ALOT! Just trying to keep track of dates and times has been crazy! Just trying to keep our heads above water here.

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Im thinking of adding Oberlin to my list? Has anyone heard good or bad things about them? Thanks!

Wondering if anyone heard any info on LIU acceptance notify being sent, didn’t know if they were rolling or I’ll be notified much later… thanks!

In my opinion, this school has been completely random. My son has had his application in since September. He was originally told they did not need his SAT’s to make a decision, then they asked for his SAT’s he took the Sept 23rd, and they asked for him to send a screenshot with his score when they came out, he sent that on 10/15. They had him submit his unofficial transcripts as they said they could make a decision with those they just needed official before the start of school. We know other’s that never submitted SAT’s and have been academically admitted months ago. We still have no academic news. He called last Monday and they said they had everything but it was under review, and they would like to have his official transcripts, but they could do so without. They had been sent at the beginning of November. He was able to confirm this week that they have had his official transcripts since the 17th, but still no-decision. He auditioned on Nov 13th as well as submitted to Acceptd on 10/11. The suggestion for the virtual live auction was from admissions, stating that he would get an interview. He did not he had a 3-minute audition, with no conversation, was put into another room and told he was all set to have a great weekend and they’d be in touch soon. I’d love to say it’s a quick turnaround, as I know for many it has been, but I honestly have no clue.

Very interesting… do you know anyone who has received an artistic decision? I had a similar experience with the audition, and was told some would be asked to stay in the waiting room to perform more but they didn’t end up keeping anyone. I feel pretty bad about my audition though so we will see! Super odd

We have heard of three young ladies that have been accepted.
My son was told at the start of the auditions that they would be having a Q and A session at the end so he was surprised when they did not. However, on his MT FB page there was a girl in the same audition time slot as his and the same happened to her, but she did get accepted, she heard the following Monday afternoon that she was in.

Oh my goodness how weird. I actually had the opposite experience. Was not told about a q&a and was shocked when we had one!!

DePaul (Acting BFA) - submitted 11/31, got called back 12/4

Arizona - submitted 9/29; results 12/5

We submitted Arizona 10/20. Sounds like we may be waiting awhile :joy:

I am so happy to have found a place where people know what I am going through with my daughter. My head is spinning with all of this!

My daughter submitted via acceptd to LIU post in September and then received an email several weeks later saying she had been accepted to the BFA MT. It sounds like others have had actual auditions.

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I am starting to wonder if the girls are hearing before the boys. The ones I am hearing that have been admitted are all girls. My son has had his Application in since September, admissions recommended he schedule an audition and do the Acceptd app too so that his audition would be an “interview”. He submitted his app in Acceptd early October at her suggestion that day. His virtual audition was 11/13. We have heard nothing on either academic or artistic. We know of two other boys that submitted through Acceptd in October and have not heard anything back.

For my son, the audition was no more than 3 minutes. He thought there would be QandA after, as that is what they said. He was number 2 in that time slot and was told he was all set when he was back in the waiting room. Others stayed in the waiting room for a long time, and were told they ran out of time. So I’m not sure which way was better.