Prescreen Results - Class of 2025

That’s an excellent list - some similarities to my daughter’s list. I do know Point Park is a heavy dance program (my daughter is a strong dancer so it is on her list) so that may be why. But she has some great schools on her list. Good luck!

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We visited Halloween weekend, she applied the next week and we heard mid - December. I hope you hear soon!

Regarding Point Park we are hearing that they will be asking for a pre-recorded dance video that has 4 different combos! D has yet to receive it and the audition is coming up in a couple of weeks. Finding a place to practice and film in our locked down state is not easy.

Does anyone have any issues experience with BAA summer intensives?

S applied a little late so we have a unified spot, but they asked him to register for a live dance call spot (at 1 or 5pm) on same day as audition via Accept’d. Audition is not til Feb, so haven’t heard anything else.

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Also suggest checking past year final decision threads on timing. lots of posts there. some give timing some do not

Re Belmont I believe we got the artistic decision 2-3 weeks after the audition

Just so you know, this year’s acceptances are not per usual (timing). I have heard of kids getting acceptances in September!! Have never heard of this before. I have some students who got offers in November and December and this month from schools that, in the past, did not. I am certain COVID has a lot to do with this, but the fact is…nothing seems to be happening, timewise, as usual. Yesterday, one of my students (upon my recommendation) who got a callback at CAP in November from a school she was interested in had still not gotten the audition signup or details. She was worried they had overlooked her for communication. I suggested she email them and say she just wanted to know dates and requirements (dance call, etc) since others she knew received it in December. They responded by telling her that she had been accepted artistically and she only needed to apply to the school. What the what?? This is not a school that typically makes offers in Nov/Dec/Jan. So, brace yourselves for a bumpy ride. My best advice is to stay in communication with the programs. Don’t let 8 weeks go by. Don’t bug them but just touch base periodically and see if they are missing something or what the status is.


We did the BAA spring AND summer Intensive- online of course this year- LOVED them both!!! Will definitely encourage my youngest to attend when the time is right for her!

I believe they accept academically first, then the automatic scholarship offer, then the artistic…all rolling, and all snail mail!! If you tell them you intend on sending test scores, they will not admit you until they receive them officially.

Also waiting on USC for acting. so nerve-wracking!!

Can you tell us what Ithaca and Penn State were like? My D has both coming up.

Any experience with the live version? My D was enrolled for the final session last summer but decided to defer to this summer when it went virtual. Not ideal as she will be headed to college less than a month later…somewhere!

Hi, I am newer to the thread here is our list. D applied to both Acting and MT programs. We cast a super wide net
She has been accepted to:
UArts MT and Acting-good merit
Stephens College MT-good merit
SCAD- Performing Arts- low merit
Jacksonville U- MT-good merit
Auditioned at Boston Conservatory and Rider for Acting waiting
Mulhlenberg-interview waiting
Belmont MT- accepted academically waiting
Shenandoah- acting audition this month
Point Park-accepted academically acting audition this month
Ithaca, BW, and Wright State-MT auditions this month
No on prescreens from:
Pace-admitted though with great merit

BOL to all! And congrats on passes and admission.

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ithaca was very straightforward. started with overview of program then individual interviews. it’s basically do your prescreen material then a brief interview. they were very supportive!

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i like your list bc it’s so balanced!

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Was Penn State similar?

she did not audition for penn state!

My D has a unique situation. She is a sophomore at Penn State currently but she did not major in MT initially because at the last minute she got nervous about her future and she thought she should opt for a more predictable path (she’s a speech pathology/audiology major) Now she has decided she will regret not “going for it”. So…she picked her top 5 choices and started applying and figured if she doesn’t get into one of them it just isn’t meant to be but at least she knows she tried:
To that end she’s now heard back from all prescreens
PSU- passed
Boston Conserv. - passed
Point Park - passed
Carnegie Melon - passed for acting
Elon - did not pass
Her first auditions are boco and psu on the 23rd of jan.
Good luck to all

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I’m an SLP and my dd is applying for musical theatre direction (pianist). One of the things I loved about Baldwin Wallace was they have a vocal pedagogy concentration with three required SLP courses including anatomy/physiology and phonology. I guess it’s a little late to apply there now, but it is not impossible to find an intersection of MT and SLP if the school has both departments. Food for thought. Best of luck to your girl

My daughter has been part of BAA programs since 2018 and it was the best investment we ever made with great intensives, master classes and workshops She also participated in their college audition workshop and works with their director as her college audition coach. They have many broadway industry performers and directors/producers/casting agents on their team. I highly recommend it

My daughter’s experience with the dance portion of her live auditions is that they send the combination about 7 to 10 days prior from when it is due. So we are hopeful that PPU will be the same way. Her audition is not until mid-February.

Good luck!!

Thank you! Does she work with Jennifer Johns?! She seems great.

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