Prescreening follow up question

<p>Does anyone know about how long it takes to hear back regarding if you passed the prescreening and will be invited to audition or interview? This information I cannot find on the schools sites. Just curious if anyone here knows about how long we need to wait and I am know it likely deponds upon the school. 1st two of my kid's applications have been sent with their prescreening recordings! Only 6 more left for us to go but then there is that audition thing.</p>

<p>You're right about web sites not giving this information and because of that, I don't think that a call to the Admissions Dept of the schools would be out of line. The only site that I know of that even talks about it is MSM's, where they say that they "listen to recordings in December and that results will be e-mailed by January 1st."
If you do find out, please share the information on here- good luck!</p>

<p>Two years ago (for 2010 admit), we heard back from prescreens in January. If you check the January posts for any year, you will get an idea as to approximate dates. They will vary from year to year; some years, schools are unable to make the deadline that they set for themselves leaving many people anxious to avoid last-minute flight bookings. I believe that we heard mostly in early January, but the later the auditions are, the later the prescreen results are often sent out.</p>

<p>Last year my D applied to 2 schools with prescreens and we too heard back in early January.</p>

<p>We heard from some schools in December.</p>

<p>Last year, we heard back at various times anywhere from December through the beginning of February.</p>