Present Pomona Students and Arizonamom

<p>Hi to all students and parents of student at Pomona. I hope things continue to go well for you. Arizonamom, I was very pleased to note that you are still spending a bit of time on CC as I have valued your balanced approach to college admissions matters. Is your son still having a great time at Pomona? It still remains high on my S's list, and I feel relieved that he gained lots of SAT points on last SAT 1. Maybe he has a chance. Keep your fingers crossed for us.</p>

<p>Congradulations to your son on his score increase! I know from speaking to the Pomona rep recently(he was at our school) that they truly look at the whole person not just numbers. They love students that are excited about learning and are involved in a lot. Every student I have met there has been compasionate and had an accepting ,caring personality. I wouldn't obsess about numbers. And my S is still loving it there. My D's first choice is CMC, her dream school but about 7 kids from her HS are applying and a few are minorities so it will be tough. Good luck to your son and keep us apdated!</p>

<p>Hello, momofthree. This is a classmate of your son's at SAS. I discovered you on this forum by chance, identifying you by posts about Rhodes and Swarthmore... I am a male with a long ponytail who plays violin.</p>

<p>Hey fiddlefrog! I liked your username, even before I knew it was you!! Dontcha love this website? I confess to being an addict. </p>

<p>Arizonamom, thanks for writing back! I am not actually too concerned about the test score issue since talking with you before, just looking forward to seeing if this and the whole thing works out. So happy your son is still finding compassion and kind friends at Pomona, sounds like an ideal place in many ways. I was a little taken aback by onw student's perception of an incident of "hazing" but others have countered that, I think. I am glad your daughter is looking at CMC; I have a good friend whose son is there and has loved every minute of it! Take care!</p>

<p>My S descibed the orientation as a lot of fun. It is a tradition and they seemed to enjoy it a lot in the sense of fun. It did in no way sound like a hazing to me. I was pretty surprised that it was portrayed as negative and I know the students did not mean for that to be the spirit at all. Every student we have encountered there seems very proud of their school. I felt badly that a freshman had a negative experience.</p>

<p>Can I join in? My son applied to CMC and Pomona...RD he just has his stuff done early. He really enjoyed meeting with the Pomona rep that came through San Antonio--the closest anyone comes to our neck of the woods. He is very interested in the PPE major.</p>

<p>Hello Texastaximom. Welcome to the Pomona forum. Now, tell us what sort of magic dust you have to get the work of applying done ahead of time?? I think my son is doing well to have gotten the recommenders their envelopes and having done the info parts of the applications. Essays await. We have a friend who went to Trinity where you are. Good luck to your son! Mine is interested in music, classics and religious studies. Pomona looks great. CMC has a focus away from the arts, or my son would likely apply there, too.</p>