President Skorton Teach Classes?

<p>This is a super random question, but does Pres. Skorton teach any classes on campus?</p>

<p>I don't think so, but he occasionally practices with the Big Red Marching Band and the Big Red Pep Band. He plays the flute and saxophone (alto, I think).</p>

<p>I imagine he might do something if the med school was in Ithaca, he's a cardiologist. Although it does say he has an appointment to the biomedical engineering faculty...</p>

<p>He's really active on campus. He comes to the West Campus dorms several times throughout the year for coffee fireside-like chats. They're usually very small groups and he's surprisingly accessible. I know this is completely offtopic but I've never heard of him teaching a course, otherwise I think I would've taken it.</p>