Presidential and Trustee Scholarship SAT AND ACT LAST DATE

So, when is the deadline for the Presidential and Trustee Scholarships at BU? Can I submit the December SAT and ACT for it? Thanks.

No. The deadline for submission of the application and all supporting documents is 12/1.

“Students must submit their application for admission and all supporting credentials by December 1.”

How does an applicant indicate his application for Trustee Scholarship on the Common App?

The BU Trustee Scholarship page indicates: “Complete the Trustee Scholarship essay on the Common or Coalition Application as part of your application to BU.”

That sounds easy, but when my DS paged through the Common App for BU, he did not encounter any questions or items asking whether he wants to apply for this scholarship. (He did find the essay prompts on the same scholarship web page.)
The deadline is tomorrow, i.e. Sunday 12/1. My DS is writing his essay today.

Any suggestions how to indicate he is seeking the Trustee Scholarship? Thanks in advance.

Completing the Trustee essay indicates that he is applying for it.