Presidential Honors Scholar Program!! Please HELP!!

<p>Hey I just received an invitation to this program a few days ago. Is this considered to be a big deal? It doesn't seem that I am getting any extra money for the program and it seems like it might get kind of annoying especially since I am pre-med. However, I have heard some stuff that there are nearly free trips and some other cool benefits. Does any current student in this program have any info for me? Is it worth it? Thanks.</p>

<p>for most of the freshman scholars they are awarded with scholarship money however even if you didn't it is still a pretty good deal. the situation with scholars is that there is an additional class that meets once every other week (it doesn't interfere with credits or gpa since it is pass/fail). the workload depends a lot on the professor (some give essentially no work, others more). for freshmen there is a trip to florence during winter break at a VERY good price (it's something like $600 for all expenses paid). additionally scholars looks very good because it requires your gpa to be higher than 3.65.</p>

-winter break trip to florence (it is a lot of going to museums and getting drunk on wine)
-get close to a professor (as a premed there is not a lot of student-prof contact so this is one way to easily have a professor that knows you personally for research opportunities and other connections)
-meet other students
-looks good on paper</p>

-it is some work (at the least, you have to write research abstracts and go to 3 lectures a semester)
-i think there may have been some community service requirement but it was never mentioned in mine
-it's annoying to have another class
-pressure to keep your gpa up</p>

<p>additionally if you maintain the gpa and continue scholars you have to do the honors track in your major. you're encouraged to do research which can be good if you were planning on it anyways (scholars provides a lot of research and professor connections as well as additional help with grant proposals and other apps). sophomore scholars is better too because you get to choose where you want to go on your trip (which is during spring break) and you can also choose according to your interests (meaning if you're a premed an opportunity to get close to a science prof).</p>

<p>What is the difference between the Presidential Honors Scholar Program and the Rudin Scholar. </p>

<p>I was named a Rudin Scholar which is basically for New York students and got 25K. Do I have the same requirements as the Presidential Honor Scholars?</p>

<p>I had never heard of the Rudin Scholarship but when I googled it, it's for the College of Nursing right? the Presidential Honors Scholars Program is only for CAS students so I'm almost positive it is completely different. However there also may be other advantages in addition to the money for being a Rudin Scholar.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for your insight, csh. I definitely think I am going to do the Scholars Program now. It seems like a great opportunity and will also keep me focused.</p>

<p>Agreed, thanks so much for the overview. I'm definitely glad I agreed to sign up!</p>

<p>No it wasn't for school of nursing. I'm in CAS as well. It's weird, I have no information about this program/scholarship (Rudin) at all.</p>

<p>Hi, This is info about the Rudin Scholarship from a previous thread:</p>

<p>nyways Lewis Rudin was an advocate here in NYC and he aimed at making the city a better place, he graduated from NYU. So its supposedly for people who want to make the world a better place. Thats all I know. Congratulations
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<p>Lewis Rudin City Scholars
Rudin Scholars are outstanding entering freshmen selected from public and parochial high schools in all five boroughs of New York City. In addition to their scholarship, the scholars participate in academic and cultural activities in New York City. The program is named in honor of the late real estate developer Lewis Rudin, former president of the Association for a Better New York and NYU alumnus and trustee.</p>