Presidential Scholar

I understand the Presidential Scholar award is automatic, but does a HS student need to apply for it?

My assumption is not necessary as it is automatic. However, reading the faq here, it seems that a student has to fill out the application by December 15. Hence I tried to go to myBama with DD, but I saw no reference to the Presidential Scholar…I am confused :frowning:

My DS applied to the school and received it automatically. It comes in the mail a few days after the acceptance envelope. You do have to apply for other scholarships, like departmental.


Do they superscore the ACT for consideration?

I found this:

No, we do not “super-score.” We evaluate your application based on the highest composite test score from any one test date taken at the national level. We do not penalize based on a student taking multiple tests.

on their site.

So apparently you don’t need to apply for engineering scholarships, my DS got it in the mail today. So I’m not sure what scholarships get applied for through the application.

I was accepted and just awarded presidential scholarship. I also just applied to the honors program. Is additional merit money possible or am I maxed out at $19,000/year ($76,000 for 4 years)?

@Adhoc17 There are a couple of additional scholarships you can apply for, but it is very rare to get anything more. My son had an ACT of 35 and a 4.32 weighted g.p.a. and didn’t get any additional money, FWIW.

@Adhoc17 I guess you got the UA Scholar scholarship. That is the one for $32,000. You can get more if you major in a STEM field.

Sorry mistake. The scholarship award for $48,000 ($12,000/yr) is from University of Delaware. Also got $19,000/yr from Alabama.

The Presidential Scholarship is for $25,000 a year for out-of-state students, @Adhoc17. It sounds like you received the the UA Scholar award ($19,000 a year).

UA will increase the amount if you can increase your test scores to the higher threshold (33 ACT or 1490 New SAT).

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