Presidential Scholarship at Florida Institute of Technology

Hey guys I cant find much any info online on how competitive this scholarship is at FIT and the FIT forum doesn’t have many people going through it so I’ll post it here since it is a transfer scholarship. Any info on this scholarship would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Are you from Valencia or EFSC? FIT has a deal with each of these schools that gaurantees some transfers will receive a Presidential Scholarship. If you go to one of these schools and have a good GPA, I think you have a good chance. FIT admitted 600 of 1,500 (39%) transfers last year. While the acceptance rate is low, only a fraction of those students are from Valencia and EFSC.

If you’re not from one of those schools, I’m not sure FIT will even consider you for a Presidential Scholarship. I would check with the financial aid office to verify that transfers from other schools are eligible.

The good news is even if you don’t receive a Presidential Scholarship, it’s almost certain you’ll receive a partial scholarship.

I contacted their transfer adviser and it turns out they have a separate scholarship for AA transfers from other FL CC called the bridge to success scholarship. It covers full tuition (what ever grants and other scholarships don’t cover) but there’s only 10 of them.

Did they give you any stats about the people who get the bridge scholarship? If only 10 people get it, I imagine it’s highly competitive. You probably need a 4.0 GPA. At least 10 of those 600 people I mentioned must have a 4.0 GPA.

Again though like I said, even without a full scholarship, FIT gives out a lot of partial scholarships that bring the price down significantly.

When you say it covers full tuition, is that classes and books for the four years? Whenever a student earns a scholarship does this ever include the dorm and meal fees too? I know that would be a miracle !

The president scholarship only pays for tuition. I believe FIT has two scholarships that pay for everything (books, food, dorm). I know one is the Farmer scholarship. FIT usually posts an article about the student who gets it each year. It’s only given to students who live in Florida and are top of their class.