Presidential Scholarship = Honors?

<p>Anyone know the correlation between getting the pres. scholarship and getting into the honors program?</p>

<p>one and the same, i think.</p>

<p>What about the leadership scholarship?</p>

<p>sorry, i don't know that, bing.</p>

<p>I cannot imagine getting the Presidential Scholarship and not getting honors. My son did not get his acceptance yet but he did get $27,000 a year Presidential Scholarship and a $3,500 loan so I am guessing he made the school (lol) and Honors. This was a safety for him but based on this scholarship, I think he needs to consider it along with his other acceptances.</p>

<p>To my knowledge, the receipt of a scholarship is not necessarily indicative of acceptance into the honors program. While it would be uncommon to receive a substantial scholarship and not be accepted into the honors program, there is no one-to-one correlation between scholarships and honors program acceptance. Wait for your letter.</p>

<p>sorry abotu this, but what is the "honors" program about? i got accepted but i do not seem to know what this is</p>

<p>Would "Presidential Scholarship" include any NM scholarship? NM Corp says AU sponsors NM scholarships, but we haven't been able to find very much specific info about it other than AU says to name them as #1 by Feb 1st. Does anyone have any experience w/ this? thanks!</p>