presidential scholarship @ villanova??

<p>i was just wondering the typical acceptancees of the presidential (full) scholarship. what are their SAT/ACT scores and class ranks/gpa. my class rank/gpa are very good but right now I have about a 32 ACT, but am taking it again in december before i apply RD. Would a 34 ACT be worth applying? thanks!</p>

<p>The website gives a pretty acurate summary of what they are lookin for. You need to pay attention to the deadline. Your application (including test scores) and nomination form must be submitted by Dec 1st.</p>

<p>There's no reason not to apply for it. Just don't expect anything. If I remember the numbers, there were like 600 applicants for under 10 scholarships. It's very competitive and difficult to get.</p>

<p>Last year, there were over 800 applicants for 18 scholarships, which was a drop from over 30 scholarships offered the previous year.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, it is the only true merit-only based aid that Villanova gives. All other scholarships factor in financial need.</p>

<p>I don't think that's completely true. There is the Villanova Scholarship that I think is completely merit based. And the drop in scholarships offered is due to the fact that last year was the first year that it covered everything. In the previous years, they were able to give it to more students because it was only a tuition scholarship. Now(and last year), it is tuition, room and board, and everything else so there are less available.</p>

<p>Two years ago was the first time the scholarship was a full ride. Fifty students were invited to interview. Approx 35 were offered scholarships and 22 accepted. Last year they still interviewed 50, but offered less scholarships. However they still had 22 accept the offer. Of the 50 that were interviewed and not offered a full scholarship, they were given a $12,500 scholarship.</p>

<p>So it turns out that Villanova is pretty greedy right?:(</p>

<p>Villanova is smart. They recognize that there are thousands of talented kids that need merit money. There is this middle income group that don't get need aid but struggle with full pay. The Presidential Scholarship is perfect for that group. My child was in the running for the Presidential last year. Did not get it, sadly, even with perfect ACT, SATIIs, and GPA as well as strong ECs and recs (but in most overrepresented applicant group). It's that competitive! The kids who get it turn down HYPSM. Villanova does offer lower dollar merit scholarships to others. It is a very smart strategy. When we visited we were so impressed with the school. My child went elsewhere for a specific program, but I hope my next child seriously considers Villanova. Good luck.</p>

<p>Regarding: betominh post: So it turns out that Villanova is pretty greedy right?</p>

<p>There are many full pay students here ,but considering the limited endowment at Villanova , I would have a hard time judging Villanova "greedy".Villanova University committed over $66 million of its resources for grant aid to undergraduate students. The average Villanova Grant award was $21,322 for the freshman class.
Aid is primarily need based , just as many peer institutions like BC. </p>

<p>But there are some merit aid programs.</p>

<p>Scholarships</a> and Grants</p>

<p>Financial</a> Assistance Award Statistics
Award Statistics for 2011-2012</p>

<p>For our current 2011-2012 Freshman class:</p>

<pre><code>79% of those eligible for need-based assistance received Villanova Grants for a total of $14 million. The average Villanova Grant award was $21,322.
The average assistance package for students with demonstrated financial need (combining grants, scholarships, loans and student employment) was $29,348.


<pre><code>65% of all matriculating undergraduates receive some type of assistance.
For 2011-2012 Villanova University committed over $66 million of its resources for grant aid to undergraduate students.

<p>You have nothing to lose by applying. It is very competitive but even if you make it as a finalist, you get a fair amount of money. Last year the students were told they would get at least $12,500, but it is my understanding that they gave many of them more. My son ended up getting the Presidental Scholarship and is so, so happy. Villanova wasn't his first choice, but the scholarship was to good to pass up. He loves it and couldn't see himself anywhere else. Many of the kids he met at the finalist weekend are some of his best friends now, even the ones that didn't get the scholarship. Good luck!</p>