Presidential Scholarship

Anyone been invited to interview for the Presidential Scholarship yet?

I believe there is no interview for the Presidential, only for the Singletary

@bobross123 - Thank you! So it it safe to assume that the candidates not selected after the interviews for Singletary gets awarded the Presidential? So even though stats qualify you for Presidential, you are out of luck?

I’m sure most of the Singletary interview candidates who do not receive the Singletary do end up getting the Presidential, but there are plenty of people who get the Presidential but did not receive an interview for the Singletary.

Fingers crossed as my son had the right ACT score to qualify for the Singletary but missed the GPA with a smidge. We really need a full tuition scholarship to keep it in the running. Trying to keep undergrad as low as possible to save for med school.

Has anyone heard back whether they were awarded the Presidential scholarship? Not holding our breath and very thankful that we have a few other options, but just curious

I believe they announce Presidential and Singletary both on March 1st

Do they give the Presidential to everyone who exceeds the stats that they’ve posted or are they doing a holistic examination of those students and picking? My son exceeds these criteria, but we haven’t heard a thing as an OOS candidate other than acceptance and a Bluegrass award.

@fredfromjupiter - same here. It will be interesting on what they base their selection.

@COboysmom - Are you holding off on Merit Weekend for the same? I’d imagine many who fit the criteria of the top scholarships are very interested in UK if they receive those, but might back off on Merit Weekend if they don’t get them.

@fredfromjupiter - Yes, if my son doesn’t get full tuition paid it takes Kentucky off the table. He has other options that have offered him full tuition scholarships so it won’t make sense to pay more at Kentucky. Also still interviewing for some full ride scholarships, so we will see how that goes too.

When does Kentucky release the individual financial packages for students?

I could be wrong but it sounded like students who interviewed for the Singletary and don’t receive will be some of the first to receive Presidential. The number given each year varies for each award. The Presidential is a competitive scholarship so there is not a guarantee solely based off the minimum scores noted in the chart.

Has anyone heard if they got the presidential scholarship yet?

I received the presidential scholarship! I also was accepted to the Lewis honors college and the honors LLP. I am so excited and I am pretty sure I’ll be attending next year!

Congratulations!! How did you know you received it? Through your MyUK account?

Yes it shows it under the financial section. I also received my letter today. Thank you!!

@are720 - congratulations!!! Did you interview for the Singletary scholarship? We received our Honors college acceptance today. Did you receive both letters on the same day?

Thank you! I received my honors letter a couple days ago, however I found out on the 15th on the student email. I didn’t qualify for singletary because my ACT was a 32.

Just curious if anyone knows how likely it is for OOS students to receive the Presidential Scholarship if they exceed the stats, or if they only select a very limited number. My daughter will be applying this fall for Fall of 2020 and she loves UK but it’s really only a contender if she can get the Presidential.