<p>Hi, I've heard that Boston College offers a President's Scholar (free-ride) for the top 15 applicants to the school. Does anyone know what type of student they're looking for? (GPA/SAT scores/type of EC's) -- if you're able to obtain a profile of a past or current President's Scholar it'd help.</p>

<p>Or, if youre not sure about Boston College, can you give me a profile of other colleges like BC-caliber, that give full-ride scholarships? What type of student are they looking for? Just a 4.0,1600 SAT score or what's the profile?</p>

<p>Depends on what you wanna major in, but I know Georgia Tech has a Presidential Scholarship program (deadline is the 31st of October), and the range of SAT scores is 1380-1510 (25% - 75%). You have to be top notch to get it at either place (boston is prob harder, 1500+ SAT and close to a 4.0 gpa with good ECs).</p>

<p>K, sounds good. Thanks for the info</p>

<p>S had a 4.0 and 1600. Applied early to BC and was admitted to honors program but no Presidential Scholarship. That's the only way we could have afforded it since they give no other merit aid so he turned them down. I imagine the competition is brutal for only 15 scholarships but I don't know what exactly they are looking for.</p>

<p>Since only 15 students a year get the scholarship, it's possible that no one here knows the answer to your question. I suggest that you e-mail BC's adcoms and ask them for examples of what kind of students get the aid.</p>