Prestige of Babson?

<p>As the title states guys, how would you all rank the prestige of Babson? I applied there because they had a number one entreprenuerial program. However, my asian parents as well as numerous other asian adults have advised me not to accept their offer of admission due to the fact that they aren't too well known. For the sake of practicality, they advised me to enter into any other of the better-internationally-known universities. So my question is, how do you guys perceive Babson to be? The quality of education as well as the reputation of the school?</p>

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<p>I didn't know about it until one of my friends got in her senior year. And I'm from Boston!</p>

<p>And another thing, if you are going to Babson for its entrepreneurial program, then why does prestige matter? If you are starting your own business, then you would be either the owner or a partner, so there is no boss to please and I don't think your customers would ask you where you got your degree from.</p>

<p>Aside from its entrepreneurial program, I don't know what else is a stand-out for Babson.</p>

What internationally known universities are we comparing Babson to here?</p>

<p>Thanks for the response Reddune. In response to your first question, prestige matters to me because I will probably try to get a few years work experience before starting my own company. Thus I need a strong college name + good recruiting college to get a head start. And in terms of comparison... comparing it to USC (Marshall), UCLA (Business Economics), NYU (Stern), UIUC (College of Business), Georgetown (McDougall)--</p>

<p>Unless Babson offers you ubber money, I would not take Babson over the above mentioned schools.</p>

<p>If you want your first job to be with a Fortune 500 company, don't go to Babson. If your first job is going to be with a regional company, go to Babson and you will rise faster than any other person you compete with.</p>

<p>To be honest, I never even heard of Babson before I came to CC, so you can kind of infer from there.</p>

<p>What's Babson?</p>

<p>Hey, they're partnered with Olin and Olin is awesome.</p>

<p>Personally, I would go to NYU Stern or Georgetown Mcdonough, and I would advise you to do the same. Both have better locations, and they are both better known regionally (in their respective region), nationally, and internationally.</p>

<p>If you asked 100 Americans at random about Babson, < 5 would have heard of it.</p>

<p>I have no concrete knowledge of the school, so don't call me on this, but I did research it for my own college list. </p>

<p>And what I got out of it is that it's very general business-y stuff and not finance/math intensive at all. Thus, it would make sense for me if it was really looked down upon and that schools like Stern, etc. would be considered much higher by companies...basically, i don't think the <em>prestige</em> is there at all for babson, so i would look elsewhere if that's what you're looking for.</p>

<p>Babson is a small entrepreneurial school, and those two adjectives describe why it isn't well-known. Many small schools aren't known because many of the grads plan on going straight to grad school, which is what recruiters will look at when going into the workforce. Also, if you start your own business, who cares what school you went to. Going to Babson helps you with the resources to start a business, not recruitment. As reddune said, no one is gonna ask you where you went to school, b/c its not relevant.</p>

<p>In your case, Babson probably won't be the best choice. Babson is not going to be heavily recruited from and if you explained to a prospective employer that you went to an entrepreneurial school, they might get suspicious of your long term intentions, and rightly should. Go to one of the listed schools where you will get the prestige to be recruited upon graduation. Also, you can take entrepreneurial classes to help you when you start your business.</p>