Prestige of undergrad for admission to grad schools?

<p>How big of a factor is "prestige" of undergrads in admissions to grad schools? Does it have more/less of weight than GPA and tests? I am planning to get an MBA at a top tier school, but I am concerned that my undergrad might not be "prestigious" enough.</p>

<p>Work experience is the most important for MBA program. Prestige of undergrad is not as important.</p>

<p>One of the Silicon Valley's most successful venture capitalists Mark Stevens went to USC in the 1980s for engineering, back then USC was not even prestigious. </p>

<p>Mark</a> capitalist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)</p>

<p>USC</a> Viterbi School of Engineering : Leadership - Stevens</p>


<p>I don't think it matters that much. I've known people that have graduated from small liberal colleges and gotten an mba at Northwestern and University of Chicago here in Illinois. Just focus on your undergrad and do the best you can. I'm at DePaul University right now, which is not a top tier school in the country, but its still very good. However, like you I want to pursue an mba from a top school.</p>

<p>the truth is, everything matters when it comes to grad school admission. we, gpa, gmat and your undergrad degree- not just where you got it from but also your major.</p>

<p>Matter? No. All else being equal I don't think it will buy you anything.</p>

<p>Help? Maybe. What does going to a prestigious school offer besides an education?
1. Connections. These can help you get a job, perform well, and that is what matters for an MBA.
2. A Good GPA. Maybe this can be discussed elsewhere, but prestigious schools generally apply the "gentlemen's grading scale" in which a C is failing. At many other schools a C is about as equivalent as an A in all aspects other than the GPA. And, it's the GPA that matters.</p>

<p>Bad students do poorly, good student do well. This true no matter where you go.</p>