Prestige/Ranking of Trinity

Hi all. So, I am highly interested in Trinity College. I have a 3.7 GPA( so far) at a boarding school in the NE area. I am entering my senior year in HS. First ACT score was 33…I visited Trinity and absolutely loved it. I really bonded with a specific Econ prof there. Would it hurt me to choose Trinity over “higher-ranked” LACs such as Bowdoin, Amherst, and Williams? Would doing well at Trinity( say 3.5 and above) put me on a fast track to top graduate programs? Besides the admission requirements, what makes Bowdoin/Bates, for instance much more different than Trinity? Why is Trinity’s rank on US News comparatively low? Will it move up? From my impression( In talking with students there from my school and past family friends that have attended) is that the school is for highly intelligent “slackers” from well to do families.These students are mostly very capable,but they seem to be more focused on partying rather than academics.Is this stereotype true? It does align with the “Camp Trin” moniker. Lastly, I am interested in Political Science/Economics so would Trinity be a strong choice? Do financial firms/consulting firms recruit students from Trinity? How would a degree from Trinity look comparatively to that of one from another NESCAC or “lower” ivy? I am really thinking of doing ED1. I will likely be full pay.