Presti's Final Exam for MCB 61

<p>Does anyone know if Presti likes to use midterm questions on the final? If anyone has taken the class with him before, I'd appreciate any info/advice you could give me regarding his final. Thanks :D</p>

<p>nope not that i remember</p>

<p>how hard is the second midterm today, if u guys have taken it? im scared.........</p>

<p>it was surprisingly easy... at least, much easier than the first. :P relax</p>

<p>thanks man, i did good on the first one-but i was scared to what extent he would test the psychopharm....guess theres only one way to find out!!!</p>

<p>oh btw,if we reach 85 mins and have not actually hit the submit button, will it just take the answers we selected or will it just register it like you havent selected any answers and give you 0 as a result</p>

<p>I took the class this past spring, and the final was harder than either of the 2 midterms. It involved more integration of the information given than simple memorization.</p>

<p>when can we see which Q's we got wrong for MT2 like we could for MT1?</p>

<p>can you guys access it right now?</p>

<p>fishfood, how would you recommend studying for the final in that case?</p>

<p>and is everyone else able to see which questions they got right/wrong on midterm 2? i saw it for mt 1 but not for this one.........</p>


<p>I just looked over questions from the midterm as a general review and went over my notes. I don't think any questions were reused from the midterms, though that may be different in the summer.</p>

<p>I took the class P/NP and I didn't pass. I fail.</p>

<p>i thought the final exam was easier than the midterms...i took it in spring 2010. i don't think he reuses specific questions but they will definitely be very similar because there is only so much you can test on and he tends to cover everything in every exam.</p>