pretty PLEASE chance me? :D

<p>Hello, </p>

<p>I am a female senior in Alaska. My ethinicity is Asian and I am a US citizen. </p>

<p>College List:
Yale (Early Action)
U Michigan<br>
U Washington </p>

<p>I wish to major in some kindof biological sciences. </p>

Rank- 3/579
GPA- 4.18
ACT- 34 (Math- 34, Reading-33, Science, 35, English- 32, Essay- 8)
SAT II- Math II- 720, Molecular Biology- 730
AP Scholar with Distinction
AP Classes thus far: AP Calc AB, AP Chem, AP Lang, AP Biology, AP Psychology, AP Statistics, AP Calc BC, AP Physics, AP Lit, AP US Gov, and AP Spanish </p>

<p>I realize my standardized testing scores are considerably low for these specific schools... Also, my school district weighs our GPAs a bit strangely-- every extra class I've had such as student gov (we have it as 0 hour at 6:30 in the mornings) and all my online classes actually work towards lowering my GPA. </p>

National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist
Student Body President, (former) Junior & Sophomore Class President
Mu Alpha Theta Vice President, (former) Treasurer
Debate team captain
4th place PFD in State debate tournament
Varisty Cross Country Runner
National Honors Society
Gifted mentorship with orthopedic surgeon
State Science Olympiad winner
3rd degree black belt Tae Kwon Do
Co-founder of solar club (make solar paneled suitcases for medical purposes in third world countries)
Organized youth leadership project- implementationof trash cans around various trails
1st chair clarinet- Symphonic band
Various community services: Head Start, hospital, local elementary school, soup kitchen, tutor at math camp, PRE, etc
Various club member (Partner's Club, Science Club) </p>

<p>I actually have some incredible letters of rec, especially from my AP bio teacher and my essay is about my developement from a very shy girl to one who now loves leadership positions and basking in the spotlight through the mispronouciation of my name. </p>

<p>I would really appreciate any inputs, suggestions, or comments of my chances of actually recieving an acceptance to any of schools listed above. Thank you so much! :)</p>