Pretty simple enrollment question, I guess I am still a freshman lol

<p>I want to enroll in a class that still has plenty of spots left, but all the discussions and their waitlists are full. So is there no way to get URSA to enroll me in the class? I guess I'll just assume they open up more discussion sections...? Thanks 8-)</p>

<p>What class are you talking about? Are you sure you're looking at the full view of the class? If you are looking at a list of classes it doesn't always show every discussion.</p>

<p>Math 32B: Schedule</a> of Classes: Class Listing</p>

<p>I assume that the 2 WL spots left will be taken before I can get to them, and I also assume that they won't un-cancel the last two discussions before tomorrow.</p>

<p>Discussion 1F is only 22/30 at the time I am looking at it, so just enroll into that.</p>

<p>Murphy Hall staggers enrollment of many high-demand classes to ensure many students, not just one's with a high number of units, will have the chance to enroll.</p>

<p>Huh, interesting. Clearly, it's helping a lot.</p>