Preview Classes Registration

<p>Hello, I would like to know if in Preview one selects his own classes or an Advisor is seated next to you telling what you have to take. Also, if I have low SAT scores, Am I obligated to take remedial English classes even though I had AP English Lit in High School? Thanks guys!</p>

<p>You are seated next to an advisor who will give restrictions on certain things you can take, but mostly you can talk your way through the things you want depending on the advisor. A lot of day 1 of Preview is about picking certain classes (esp. gen ed) that you'll sign-up for on day 2. Also be warned that you cannot change your schedule after day 2 of Preview (you'll have to wait until August to do so).</p>

<p>sat scores have nothing to do with class placement.</p>

<p>also, there will be someone there that will guide you and pressure you to take specific classes based on your requirements and AP credits, but you ultimately are the one who signs the dotted line and pays the bill, and you can pick whatever class the computer will let you in.</p>