Preview Dates Help?

<p>How fast will classes go during preview?
I wanted to register for the earlier ones but I will be out of town for 3 weeks and won't be back until the 27th of June...making the next available preview in July.
Will this affect which classes I want to take? I'm worried now that I won't end up taking the classes I want. :/ Anyone know which classes go the fastest?</p>

<p>“The University of Florida holds seats in critical courses for each session, so students at each session have an equal opportunity to register for classes.”
After previews they release all open seats and you will be able to add classes. During drop/add week seats open on almost all classes and you can again adjust your schedule. I would not worry as a freshman not being able to get classes you want/need.
Just plan ahead and make a list of classes you want and have alternate plan as well.
Advisors will help you also once you start your semester. They have walk in office hours every day at the beginning of the semester.</p>

<p>Ah okay, thanks for your help!</p>

<p>Just be glad drop/add isn’t like it was when I was a student! We had to go stand in a line like a bunch of cattle with a little card which had on it what you wanted to drop/add and watch overhead screens where someone would physically wipe out the availability of a class because the guy ahead of you took the one spot available. If your class filled up you could try to get a professor’s signature on your card to let you in (hard to do on the best day).
It’s no wonder one very popular class on the first day ended up with 600 students when the cut off was at 300 (huge lecture auditorium)–students were sitting in the aisles and between seats. The professor laughed (since he knew he hadn’t signed that many cards!) and accomodations were made.</p>