Preview Day vs. Accepted Students Day?

<p>I've applied to American RD and I loved the school when I visited last February but I'd love to check it out again. I'm thinking of coming down to DC this February break to look at all the schools in the area again, which would line up perfectly with American's Preview Day on February 20th. It sounds like a great program but I'm wondering if it's comparable to an Accepted Students day or if I should wait for that. I live in MA so I can only afford to come down to DC a limited number of times, so while this February would be perfect since I could see all 4 colleges I applied to without missing any school, I don't know if this would mean I would be missing out on getting a better sense of American. Is there any reason to wait for an Accepted Students day or should I go for a Preview day in a few weeks?
Thanks for any advice you have! :)</p>

<p>My D (who attends AU) did Preview Day a couple years ago and enjoyed it. She did not do Accepted Student Day. Preview Day was enough to convince her that she wanted to attend. IMO, either day would be fine.</p>

<p>M D did not do Preview Day; she did do Accepted Student Day. Accepted Student Day was great (we did GW and American on the same day - wish we had done American all day since they did such a great job). I agree with megpmom - probably either one will be fine. Going in February will allow you to see all four schools again.</p>