Previous Years AP Scores Don't Show

<p>Tritonlink shows my 2010 AP scores, but not my previous years scores. And I didn't think I had any identification inconsistencies either. What do I do? If I call collegeboard, which number? The automated AP one? And I dont think I have my AP number from 2009. Will they let me send scores without that?</p>

<p>Were your 2010 scores sent to UCSD because you designated UCSD WHEN you took the 2010 tests or because you requested them to be sent to UCSD AFTER you took the 2010 tests?</p>

<p>I just requested the scores to be sent during AP testing.
Anyways, I called college board and was relieved to find that I could talk to a live person. Apparently they put an unnecessary space in my name in 2009, so they couldn't link the two files together. Now hopefully the scores will reach on time.</p>

<p>LOL this happened to me too. wonderful.</p>