Pride Festival

<p>I am going to be giving D1 who is up for the weekend- a ride back home so that I can get her to take some stuff with her!!! :D
, so I won't be going to the Pride Festival in our city ( although I have gone to PFLAG meetings & wholly support that organization- + now D1 is apparently serious with a young man & his parents are flying her across the country next week for their family 4th of July celebration)-</p>

<p>But I am having my own Pride festival this morning ( and wishing I had time to see this-formal rugby match D2 who is straight- used to play for the high school team & it looks like great fun)</p>

<p>I am watching In & Out - with Kevin Kline- Bob Newhart- Joan Cusack, Tom Selleck et al. I highly recommend it- it is just hilarious. Kevin Kline plays an English lit teacher whose student ( Matt Dillion) thanks him during his Oscar speech as being a gay role model.
Kline didn't * know* he was gay.

<p>The quotes just keep coming

[at the Academy Awards]
Glenn Close: This is Cameron's first nomination and he's in extremely good company. Tonight he joins fellow best actor nominee Paul Newman for "Coot", Clint Eastwood for "Codger", Michael Douglas for "Primary Urges" and Steven Seagal for "Snowball in Hell".


<p>Wilford Brimley plays his father.</p>

Howard Brackett: I may sue!
Howard's dad: Get Johnny Cochrane, not that woman!


<p>I really appreciate that at least in our area- we are getting better about supporting all kinds of diversity- and I appreciate even more that it has been sunny all weekend!</p>

<p>Is your area having a Pride Festival?</p>

<p>One of the community theaters that I'm involved with had a pride festival, and I --along with people across the rainbow of sexual orientations-- proudly acted in it including in a role as a lesbian.</p>

<p>I'm active in PFLAG. I'm straight, but not narrow, and flourish in diverse environments.</p>

<p>THat sounds really cool NSM, it is fun to hear about your success in the local theatre community.</p>