primary/alternate cornell undergraduate college


<p>I am just completing my Cornell RD application and I was just wondering if there is an sort of advantage to applying to 2 Cornell undergraduate colleges. I know for sure that I will be applying to the College of Arts and Sciences, but does to applying to an alternate undergraduate college somehow increase chances of acceptance?</p>

<p>It says this in the application, but only apply for an alternate if you have a good reason to do so, and not only to increase your chances at admission. I only applied to one college at Cornell because it spoke to me and was incredibly aligned with what I want to do in the future.
Your passion for the field/college <em>will</em> show through on your application and I think (this is just my guess!) that having a stellar application with a mediocre one attached to it could actually hurt your chances. Again, I think it says on the application that applying for an alternate without good reason could hurt your chances.
But by all means, if you are in love with two colleges, apply for both! All the colleges have different things to offer and it's completely legit if you'd love to be in both.</p>


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<p>Thanks a lot for your help!</p>