Primary vs. Secondary Choice

<p>Does the school that is your "secondary" choice know it is, and does this affect your chances of admission (as opposed to the school you apply to primarily)? I am thinking about applying to AEM secondary choice and if it makes a difference that it is my secondary choice, I think it would be impossible to get in (it's already really hard if its your 1st and only choice).</p>

<p>basically, you have no chance of getting into your 2nd choice school at all. I wouldn't even bother doing it. The 2nd choice acceptance rate is below 1 percent.</p>

<p>^Thats what I thought.</p>

<p>You get to write a second essay though. I think it's a great opportunity. Apply to another program very close to the one you're applying to primary and write yet another essay demonstrating your fit with Cornell and that type of program. I went primary ILR/secondary PAM and I think the "evidence" I introduced in the PAM essay certainly helped with getting me into ILR. Admissions people at your primary will be able to read your secondary essay and I heard from the representative at an info session that they do most of the time. So why not?</p>

<p>I don't think it's worth the trouble. Honestly, if I really wanted to go into business I could always just major in economics at CAS. Though I see your point if I said I was intersted in Economics in my CAS essay and then further cement that interest in my AEM one.</p>

<p>I think it also sends a message that you're serious about Cornell (serious enough to spend another 45 minutes cranking out another essay) and it's not just another college app on a long list.</p>

<p>as a parent and an alum, I do not think it is to your benefit to apply to an primary and secondary in most cases - Cornell has this option because very rarely an applicant is a better fit - very rarely.</p>